For Texans whose homes and businesses suffered damage during Hurricane Harvey, it has been a tremendously difficult time; there is no way of preparing for such a loss. For Texans with flood and wind insurance, dealing with unreasonable adjusters and unresponsive insurance companies can be the storm after the storm.

Don’t be a victim twice. You purchased your policy. You paid your premiums. Let us fight for you. Our experienced flood and wind insurance attorneys will make sure you receive the recovery you deserve for your residential, business or commercial property loss claim.

  • We use our own insurance adjusters to estimate the value of your claim
  • There are never any up front fees
  • We will conduct a full investigation at no charge to you
  • Free Phone Consultations
  • Convenient Houston office location
  • We will fight to get you the full value for your insurance claim
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Hurricane Harvey Flood and Wind

Insurance Claims

If you had water or wind damage to your home or business in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, you have probably made a claim to your homeowners or flood insurance policy. Insurance companies and their adjusters do not work for you, and many home and business owners do not receive enough insurance money to fully repair the damage. Long & Long’s attorneys have decades of experience handling property loss claims. We know how to navigate insurance companies and policies.

Do not make the mistake of hiring an attorney without flood or wind insurance experience.

The attorneys at Long & Long have handled over 7,500 property loss claims, both flood, and wind. From Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, Ike, Ivan, Sandy to Harvey, our attorneys have fought on the front lines against unfair insurance payments. Our attorneys have dedicated their practice to fighting FEMA and private insurance companies. We have been up against their adjusters, lawyers, and their underpayment tactics time and time again. Let us help you get the recovery you deserve.