Harvey Flood Complete Guide Flood Damage Insurance Claims

Take Back Control of Your Flood or Wind Claim

Long & Long is committed to getting you the response and recovery you deserve. The adjuster your insurance company sent to your home does not work for you, and may not have given your claim the time, attention, and payment estimate that you deserve. You may not have received the full amount necessary to complete repairs to your damaged home.

While your insurance company sends out its own adjuster to assess your damage, our law firm conducts an independent evaluation. We use our trusted team of property damage adjusters that work for you so you receive what you are owed under your policy.

Contact a Long & Long Property Loss Attorney to Manage Your Residential Flood or Wind Insurance Claim

Contact our legal team today to discuss your flood or wind insurance claim. We will send our experts to work for you and assess the true damages your home and family have sustained.

If Hurricane Harvey has caused severe flood or wind damage to your home, you have a limited time to file an insurance claim. Take back control of your insurance claim today. Contact the property loss attorneys at Long & Long for your free consultation.

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